Destination Diagnostics New Zealand

Destination Diagnostics is a New Zealand based tourism planning, development and management consultancy.  Our expertise is in destination management, across all scales – national to local; and across a variety of cultural and development contexts.

Short Bio

Emeritus Professor David Simmons

Emeritus Professor David Simmons joined Lincoln University’s in 1980, and retired in June 2020 after spending 40 years as an
academic. From 2008 -2010 he was Director of Research for the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism.
During his career he has been engaged in national, regional and local tourism strategies, and has focussed more recently on sustainable destination measurement and management. He has an extensive catalogue of books, articles and chapters in high-ranking outlets, cementing his stature as a go-to industry expert and commentator.
His most recent thought piece is a digital presentation that explores how New Zealand regions and businesses can adapt to a domestically focused tourism market in the context of the global
Covid-19 outbreak.

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